Today 19th of June 2019

Sun and local thunderstorms: High air pressure, but unstable air masses.

The weather

Sunny conditions in the afternoon with some cumuliform clouds. Some thunderstorms have to be expected. Highs from 25° to 31°.

Mountain weather

Mostly sunny conditions in the afternoon. Some cumulus clouds will develop and the risk of thunderstorms rises.

Tomorrow 20th of June 2019

Summery weather with some thunderstorms: With southwesterly currents humid and unstable air masses are led to the Alps.

The weather

In the morning the sunshine prevails, residual clouds soon break up. In the unstable air, cumuliform clouds form with a few thunderstorms. Highest values between 25° and 31°.

Mountain weather

In the first half of the day the conditions on the mountains are good, most of the time it is quite sunny. In the afternoon thunderstorms are expected.

The next days

friday 21
max: 31°
min: 10°
saturday 22
Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
max: 28°
min: 12°
sunday 23
Partly cloudy
max: 31°
min: 8°
monday 24
Partly cloudy
max: 33°
min: 12°


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