Today 3rd of Dec 2021

Sunny weather: High pressure conditions and northerly upper level flow will bring stable conditions.

The weather

Sunny weather, clear sky. In the night increasingly cloudy. Top temperatures between -4° and +8°.

Mountain weather

Sunny weather, clear sky. Strong and cold North wind.

Tomorrow 4th of Dec 2021

Cloudy: Humid air over the Alps.

The weather

Cloudy, only few sunny spells. Some very light snow showers on the western border to Austria during the day. In the night light snowfall in the whole region. Level of snowfall between 300 and 500 m. Maximum temperatures from -1° to +5°.

Mountain weather

Cloudy with some weak snowfall on the western alpine crest. In the following night widespread snowfall with 5-20 cm of fresh snow.

The next days

sunday 05
Cloudy, light snowfall
max: 5°
min: -6°
monday 06
max: 6°
min: -9°
tuesday 07
max: 5°
min: -9°
wednesday 08
Very cloudy
max: 4°
min: -10°


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